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Mid-Course Corrections

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As leaders, we all face times when we have great ideas, but somewhere down the road, there is an issue with the decision we made. The reality is, there is not a single leader in the world who can devise a perfect plan or make a decision that absolutely guarantees success. When you are faced with the reality that a mid-course correction is going to have to be made, there some steps that you must take to be sure that your correction is effective. In this video, you will learn these steps and grow in your understanding of how to make wise decisions when your initial plan is flawed.

Since we already know that we cannot make perfect decisions all of the time, it is important to understand that your leadership is not defined by that decision. We all make mistakes and missteps in our decision-making processes. When your initial decision proves not to be as effective as you had planned, it is important that you know how to appropriately respond. This video will teach you how to healthily respond to a decision you made that has not worked out the way you planned it.

It is also important to realize that there will be times when you have to decide whether or not a certain mid-course correction is the right thing to do. This video will provide you with key strategies to help you understand the right course of action for your church.

Odds are, you have already had to make some mid-course corrections in your church, and if you have not, you most certainly will at some point. It is crucial to realize that this is a good thing. You learn from each correction you make, but it is important that these corrections are made according to what God’s plan is for your church.

In this video, you will learn five strategies to weigh out what you believe God said to you in making the decision you made versus having to make a mid-course correction. You will also learn three steps to take when your initial decision was wrong. Finally, you will begin to understand how to determine whether a mid-course correction is right for your church or designed to throw you off.

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