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The Pastor and Intuition

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During our leadership, we’ve all been faced with decisions, both big and small, but important. As pastors, there are things that hinder our ability to make those important decisions such as fear, risk, or the question: is this really what God wants me to do? The main difference between a gut-feeling, spiritual intuition comes down to a single factor: The Holy Spirit. Making sure that you allow The Holy Spirit to be present in your thought-process is key to spiritual intuition. This video will help you stay in tune with what God wants for your decision-making process.

Processing and making decisions is a difficult thing to do. The process in which you make decisions can be divided into how you make small decisions, and big decisions. In both cases, your decisions should result in the advancement of your church mission and prove to be effective. Be intentional when you think about the “why” behind your decisions. In this video, you will be asked questions about how you process your decisions so that you can individually assess what the right course of action is.

When you assess your decision-making process, your observational skills must play a part in dictating your role in this process. There are a lot of things that can often get overlooked in a ministry leader position that you cannot afford to miss. In this video, one of the things you will learn is how to utilize your observational skills to make wise decisions within the church.

Another aspect of the decision-making process that you should consider is that you should always be engaged in prayer when it comes to making decisions in the church. Like we said, The Holy Spirit must be present in your decisions making process.

In this video, you will be provided with three important questions to ask yourself as you process small decisions, four questions pertaining to your big decisions, and three key tips that will assist you in your overall decision-making process.

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