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Leading Millennials in Ministry

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For a lot of pastors and ministry leaders, the topic of leading millennials in ministry can be rather intimidating. This is especially true if your congregation consists of people who are mainly older than the millennial generation. While this may be the case, the importance of leading millennials has never been greater within the church. Millennials are a part of the next generation of leaders who will shape the Church! So, are you leading your millennials effectively within your church? In this series, we are going to explore how to lead millennials at your church.

The first notion to reject when it comes to leading millennials in ministry is that they are the same as everyone else. It can be easy to dismiss the importance of devoting intentionality toward millennials. This is because we get tempted to view our church as a big group of people, rather than identifying tendencies of groups within the church. Millennials present a unique set of adaptations to make to your leadership. With this in mind, they also bring an immense amount of benefit to your church. Understanding the importance of leading your millennials intentionally is the first step, but what next?

Now that you are aware of the importance of your millennials, how do you lead them effectively? What are the specific systems and strategies you can use to promote growth from your millennials? What should you be giving your millennials in terms of opportunity? How can you cast inspiring vision to the millennials in your church? All of these questions are easy to get caught up on, but we’re here to help.

In this series:

We unpack the various nuances of leading millennials in ministry. We will discuss the importance of millennials, how to lead them, and what they mean for your church.

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