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Millennials Need Authentic Relationship

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Millennials are one of the most relationally driven generations we have seen. They are conversational and they are fueled by other people. This reality affects the way that pastors and church leaders should lead millennials. The truth is millennials need authentic relationships. With that being the case, where should pastors and church leaders go from there? Here, we uncover the importance of authentic relationships for millennials, as well as how you can foster them.

One of the primary areas that this relational tendency possessed by millennials affects is your personal relationship. Your relationship, as a pastor, with the millennials of your church is vital. How can you sustain a meaningful relationship with your millennials? What type of relationship are they expecting from you? Why are authentic relationships such a core value of millennials within the Church? If they work directly under you, how do you balance being their boss and their friend? These are the types of questions you need to be able to answer about your personal relationship with your millennials.

Secondly, it is important to prioritize authentic relationships for millennials corporately at your church. Planning events and intentional gatherings will allow millennials to thrive. Why is this true? What types of events do millennials want to participate in? What does leading these events look like? The reality is, there is no perfect answer to these questions, but there are practical things you can do to ensure boosted engagement from your millennials. Millennials are extremely relationship-oriented, how are you responding to that as a pastor?

In this video:

We are taking some time to teach you how to engage in authentic relationships with your millennials. This principle is applied from a personal and a corporate level within the Church. When you prioritize authentic relationships, your millennials will meet their potential and take your church to the next level.

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