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Millennials Need Bumper Rails

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One of the most classic phrases in the leadership world is, “fail forward.” This phrase can have a multitude of different leadership principles attached to it, but in this case, it specifically relates to the leadership of millennials in your church. Since your millennials are probably not the most experienced people in the room, they will not be perfect. Are you a church that will allow them to grow from their mistakes, or will you lead with impatience and miss out on their impact? Here, we discuss the importance of giving millennials bumper rails.

Before diving into this topic, it is imperative for the pastor or church leader to realize that nobody is perfect. This is especially true for people who have not held a position of leadership for a long time. The reality is, if you are expecting your leaders to perform at a perfect level, you will be disappointed. Not only will you be disappointed, but your millennials will quickly become discouraged by your lack of approval. What do you do when a millennial misses the mark on something?

As a pastor or church leader, you fully understand the weight and magnitude of your calling. With this in mind, it can be tough when someone does not live up to the standard you are holding. With the millennials in your church, the temptation can be to treat these new leaders the same as someone who has led for fifty years. This will not work. Millennials are fully capable of leading at high capacities, but you will need to understand how to work with them, not against them.

In this video:

We are focusing in on the idea that millennials need bumper rails. We will unpack the various nuances regarding how to give positive feedback, respond to failure, and communicate well with millennials in your church.

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