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Millennials Need Real Opportunities

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When younger leaders begin to lead in the church, the common temptation is to overlook them. For whatever reason, millennials rarely get the benefit of the doubt when it comes to empowerment. The reality is, millennials thrive when they are given real opportunities, instead of meaningless ones. As church leaders, it is important to not just delegate to millennials, but to empower them. If you have ever wondered how you can empower millennials by providing them the types of opportunities that they will respond to, you’re in the right place.

When you think about all of the tasks and responsibilities that need to be done to effectively run a church, stress often follows. This is why empowerment is so vital to the health of the church. If you are not empowering other leaders, you are capping your leadership and your church. Specifically, regarding millennials, they are a group of young leaders who want to be involved at your church. With that said, there are a set of standards and preferences that millennials have that church leaders need to fully understand before handing off opportunities.

Empowering millennials also takes a great amount of intentionality. With the opportunities you are presenting to your millennials, are they growing? Are these opportunities reflective of what needs to get done, or how you want them to grow? Furthermore, what types of opportunities are effective at engaging millennials? Here at Leaders.Church, we want you to thrive, and we want your millennials to thrive. Millennials need real opportunities.

In this video:

We will unpack what it means to effectively empower millennials in the context of your church. Furthermore, we will discuss what types of opportunities are great for your millennials and how to implement them. If you follow these tips, you will begin to see immense growth in the life and leadership of your millennials.

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