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Millennials Need Clear and Inspiring Vision

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Vision is a concept that church leaders love to talk about. If you have been a church leader or pastor for any length of time, you have probably heard the word “vision” millions of times. The reason for this is that vision is key to leading a successful church. Without vision, there is no direction for your church to head! Specifically, regarding millennials, communicating clear and inspiring vision is crucial. Here, we discuss why and how to create and communicate clear and compelling vision for millennials in your church.

First, it is important to understand why millennials respond so well to clear vision. Interestingly enough, there are many traits of the average millennial that point toward the importance of vision. Vision is what millennials run on. When they can see the end goal, there is a sense of motivation and passion that kicks in. Why is this the case? Here, we will dive deeper into how millennials think and why vision is so crucial when leading them.

It is one thing to realize that clear and inspiring vision is important for millennials, but it is another thing to execute. The real question is: how can you communicate clear and inspiring vision to your millennials as a church? What should your pastors and church leaders be doing to make this a reality? What types of vision do millennials get behind and support? After watching this video, you will come to find out that millennials want to be involved in your church. Clear and inspiring vision is your key to unlocking that passion!

In this video:

We will discuss why millennials need effective vision casting in the church. Furthermore, we will unpack how you can strategically communicate vision so that millennials will buy in. Millennials need vision, and it is important that you fully understand how to communicate it.

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