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Creating Sermons that Stick

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As a pastor, one of the primary responsibilities that you possess is to deliver sermons to the congregation. This is a weekly responsibility that often takes most of the lead pastor’s time during the week as they prepare. Even if you are not in the role of lead pastor, there are often speaking opportunities that arise. When it comes down to it, understanding how to write sermons effectively is helpful for the lead pastor, as well as other team members.

To this point, you may be thinking, “I already know that I have to preach.” But when you dig into the intricacies of sermon planning and writing, there is always room for growth. Perhaps you are in the opposite boat in which you are currently struggling to form practical and meaningful sermons for the weekend. The fact is, there are many aspects that go into sermon planning and development. Our goal in this series to unpack these aspects and help you apply them.

Speaking on the weekend can be one of the most daunting pastoral tasks. After all, this is what the people see for the better part of the service! It can be tempting to become overwhelmed in the process of sermon writing and planning. The fact is, God moves when we preach the Gospel to His people. Remember, you are not the one who is performing the miracles and speaking to the hearts of people, this is God’s job. Understanding that God is the real influencer, we want to help you foster your position for spiritual growth.

In this series:

We go through several key aspects of the sermon planning/writing process. We will discuss topics such as: finding your big idea, forming points, organizational structure, time-management, and more. We encourage you to utilize the four videos in this series to educate you on how to write sermons.

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