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Approaching the Audience with Fresh Perspective

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When a pastor/teacher is engaged in preparation for a message, it is common to feel that you are speaking primarily to a homogenous group. But our rapidly changing secular culture is intersecting with theology and ministry in ways that are more challenging than ever before. Here are some best practices that will assist you in approaching your audience with fresh perspective. This will ensure you are prepared to preach sermons that resonate and stick in the minds and hearts of as many people as possible. God will energize you with confidence that He wants to partner with you in reaching people if you stay connected with Him.

One thought-provoking thing to remember is that there are people who are excited to be in church and those who would rather be anywhere else. We present ways that you, as a speaker, can draw them in. You are speaking to real people living life in a very unique and exclusive period of time, yet you are declaring timeless concepts from an ancient culture. We examine how to accomplish this connection and be confident in how God intends to relate the Bible to us. We also share new ideas on how to incorporate content that will relate to a varied audience. Remember that people relate to other people who are living life with the same concerns as you are, even though their stories may or may not be similar. This session offers advice on how you can include sermon content which is targeted and relevant to the bulk of any mass audience.

In this series, Pastor Scott Obremski presents some seasoned advice in creating sermons that are real and life-changing. Scott has gained ultimate respect for his ability to teach in a way that is meaningful, as evidenced by the amazing growth of his multi-site church in Kansas City. In this second video, he offers six ways to help you approach your audience with fresh perspective.

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