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Preparing for the Continuous Sermon Cycle

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When you are a lead pastor who is charged with the bulk of the weekend speaking duties, it may feel like Sunday is always pressing in on you. Here are some best practices that help you get in a healthy rhythm to ensure that you are fully prepared to deliver life-changing sermons that resonate and stick. If you earnestly consider these points as you watch this video, God will energize you with confidence that He wants to meet you in a supernatural collaborative effort.

You’ve been planning your weekly messages for a long time, but you may be feeling that you aren’t left with enough time to offer your very best as you stand before people each weekend. In dealing with the perpetual sermon cycle, there are proven planning techniques that assist in properly constructing the master plan, as well for managing individual sermon preparation. We discuss the synergy between scheduling and a cogent sermon cycle. For example, it is vital to leave some open margin in your schedule to allow for the unforeseen interruption. In your rock jar of responsibilities, preaching is the big rock that has to be of utmost priority. In addition, we share some useful tips for establishing and rejuvenating sermon content that is engaging, motivating, and inspiring. You will learn the best way to keep a sermon fresh and the importance of praying, processing, and staying connected to the people you are ministering to.

In this series, Pastor Scott Obremski shares his heart in creating sermons that are real and life-changing. In this first video, Scott presents six thoughts offering great practical advice to help you be forward thinking and prepare for this persistent sermon cycle. You will learn a unique perspective and proven preparation routine from the pastor of one of America’s fastest growing churches.

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