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The Power of Sermon Series

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In a single sermon, it is beneficial to determine the big idea or central focus of each individual message. When a topic is broader than that, consider that it could be expanded into a sermon series. In this final session on Creating Sermons that Stick, we focus on the how and why of packaging sermons in series.

The basic premise of focusing on a big idea is that it provides a framework for clarity in the one main idea that is fully emphasized to ensure people will remember it. In a series, this also allows you to spend more time and energy refining and improving each message, rather than moving too fast and covering more content than people can digest in one sitting. Remember: the human mind can only comprehend what the human seat can endure. And when each message is refined and polished, people are more excited to hear the remaining messages in a given sermon series. That is why we include some tips on refining and improving each message in a series.

When you watch this video, pay attention to the reasons why a sermon series is advantageous. Advance planning is the key to outlining future sermon series. Here we discuss the proper timeline for your master plan. We tell you who to include in planning, the best way to solicit feedback, and how to package sermons in series – all important things leading to a final permanent plan of attack.

In this video, Pastor Scott Obremski offers eight practical pieces of advice for packaging sermons in a series format and how to effectively devise the future plan. As you watch, consider how packaging sermons could increase audience engagement. Sermon series are also creative devices for giving people who are one ask away from a life-changing encounter with Jesus.

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