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Determining the Big Idea

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As communicators, we sometimes become so confident in our ability to present information that we feel we can keep people engaged even when we are covering complex topics laden with great detail. God has presented many fascinating ideas in His word. We don’t have to cover them all in any given period of time. This discussion reminds us of ways to refine sermon content with the intent of keeping it fresh and easy to comprehend. We explain why it is imperative to predetermine exactly what you want people to take to heart and remember. Let God speak to you about the things that are on His heart – things He wants you to communicate in any given message. You can be confident that you are engaged in a supernatural collaborative effort with the One who wants to relate big ideas to your audience.

In business, great salesman learn that for each product and customer, there is a central selling point. Likewise, in this session, we show that there is a proven prescription for mining of sermon topics and content that determine concepts that God wants people to remember. It is worth the time to learn this prescriptive process, so that nothing prevents you from straying from it. By constructing sermon content that is memorable, targeted, and succinct, you are on your way to creating sermons that stick. In addition, we share one critical thing to include in a message, at least 90% of the time.

In this video, Pastor Scott Obremski draws from his own experience to offer some seasoned wisdom in determining how to communicate in a way that is compelling. He presents four thoughts for creating sermons that are purposeful and targeted for life-change. While watching, consider how you can refine your process of finding truth that will stick long after you have finished speaking.

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