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How to Lead a Church Board

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What is the purpose of a church board? How should you lead the church board? What are the fundamental traits of a good board member? These are just a few of the questions that we want to dive into over the course of this series. The fact is, your church board is more than just a system of accountability. The board exists as a group that is dedicated to the mission of the church! What does this mean for their leadership roles, as well as yours? We want to help you discover how to lead a church board.

Just like any group of people, the board is dependent on a good leader. News flash: you are that leader! While the board is there to assist with decisions, keep the church accountable, and uphold the mission of the church, they cannot lead themselves to success. Just as in any other area of ministry, leadership, coaching, and teaching is helpful and necessary.

So, what types of things do church leaders need to lead the board in? How can you know if you are effectively managing the board? What facets of leadership are the most vital in the context of the church board? Leading the church board consists of many different principles. We understand that leading any group of people can be challenging. This is why we feel that it is necessary to provide you with helpful leadership advice in terms of the church board

In this series:

We want to provide you with principles, ideas and tips regarding multiple facets of leadership pertaining to the church board. These facets include relational, spiritual, financial, and governmental leadership. Beyond the realm of the board meetings, we also want to teach you how to inspire board members to lead in the church. After engaging with this series, you will understand how to lead a church board effectively.

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