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Inspiring the Church Board to Lead

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As a leader, a primary goal of yours should be to raise up more leaders. When you embrace a kingdom-oriented mindset, more leaders equal more opportunities to disciple others. Your church board members must embrace their leadership in a way that allows for other leaders to be developed. The board is a group of people who are dedicated to the mission of the church. It is vital that you inspire them to be leaders outside of the board meetings! Inspiring a church board to lead is key. In this video, we will unpack how to do so.

Think back to your first mentor. This could be someone that simply inspired you along the way, or someone who coached you through the hardest parts of ministry and life. Regardless of who this person is for you, chances are that you are able to apply some of the wisdom from that relationship during your ministry. This is the power of leadership at work. As you lead your church board, you have the power to inspire them to reach their leadership potential. After all, they are already dedicated to the mission of the church!

The truth is, the effective board members are those who are actively engaged within the church. A non-engaged board member is equivalent to an author with nothing to write about. Your leadership can dictate so much about how a board operates. How are you using your leadership to influence the board? In what ways are you encouraging your board to be leaders in the church?

In this video:

We are focusing on the importance of inspiring a church board to lead. The members of the board should be on the frontlines, acting as servant leaders in the church. Furthermore, your leadership can make this happen! In this video, we provide seven ways to help church board members lead effectively.

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