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Leading the Church Board Spiritually

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Each and every area within the church must place a high priority on the emphasis of spiritual leadership. There is not a single aspect of the church that can thrive without the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Since this is true with everything else in ministry, it is inherently true for the church board. Think of the goal of the board, which is to serve as a body of accountability to ensure that the church is effective, as well as honoring God. With this in mind, the guidance of the Holy Spirit must be present! As the leader, this is a culture you must build for your board. How can you thrive in leading a church board spiritually?

There is a massive temptation to begin to view the board as strictly governmental. This generates a culture in which the church board only exists to be informed and make practical decisions. This governmental mindset is sure to thwart the effectiveness of your church board as it is deprived of spiritual guidance. As a group who serves as an accountability measure for the church, God must be in the center!

By this point, you understand the importance of spiritual leadership for the church board, but how can you accomplish this? Spiritual leadership for the church board is a practice that involves personal disciplines. These personal disciplines will allow you to ultimately lead in a way that promotes spiritual guidance. What are these disciplines? How can you engage the board in these disciplines?

In this video:

We aim to build your confidence in leading a church board spiritually. As the leader, it is your job to be on the frontlines of spiritual leadership. Just as God has called His people to minister to the world, he wants to provide us with guidance to do so. This video includes nine ways to lead your church board spiritually.

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