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Leading a Church Board as the Chairperson

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Every good team needs a leader. This is true in every sports team from little league to the big leagues. It is true with businesses as they form different teams and collaborate as unique departments. Leaders are necessary for nations to thrive and be fiscally stable. The bottom line is, leaders are vital to every organized group of people with a mission. The church board is no exception to this rule. As the chairperson or leader of the board, there are some practices and ideas that you should be aware of. In this video, we unpack the fundamentals of leading a church board as chair

Take the 1995-1996 Chicago Bulls for example. Whether you are a fan of basketball or not, you have most likely heard of Michael Jordan. Michael Jordan is considered one of, if not the best players in NBA history for this season. The team was so unbeatable, that they were able to beat the standing record for most wins in a season by any team! This was only possible because Jordan understood the concept of leading with a purpose. He inspired his team and lifted them in a way that led them to success. This is what you should strive to do for your church board.

Leading a church board as chair is a matter of governance. You are the governmental leader of the board, meaning that you are the voice of order and direction. How can you allow for your board to be successful and empowered as you lead over them? What does governmental leadership look like and why is it important for the board and the church?

In this video:

Our goal is to provide you with insight on leading a church board as chair. As the chairperson of a church board, your leadership role is vital. This video includes eight thoughts on the governmental role of the chairperson of the board.

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