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Leading the Church Board Financially

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The financial responsibilities of managing and leading a church can be a lot to handle at some points. Every pastor understands the struggle of managing a budget that is sufficient for each ministry area. At the same time, receipts may be forgotten about, unexpected expenses may arise, and the economy may take a plummet. With all of the financial responsibilities that a pastor is tasked with, what is the role of the church board in this effort? In this video, we cover leading a church board financially.

When faced with financial responsibilities, there is a temptation to dump them on the church board. As a pastor, it is important to realize that you are the financial leader in the church. You are the one who must lead the way financially. Your board can help you determine solutions, but ultimately, you are responsible for the finances of the church.

Once you understand the importance of leading the board financially, you can witness the fruit of your leadership. The board is there to assist you, as well as hold the church financially accountable. When you are trusting God with your finances, and leading the board financially, your financial responsibilities will become easier to manage.

We understand that finances can be a tough area to manage in ministry. Perhaps you have seen debts that you are unsure of how to pay. Maybe your church is struggling to pay for some basic necessities. Regardless of your financial situation, leading a church board financially allows for support along the way.

In this video:

We want to provide you with the knowledge necessary to lead your church board financially. As you watch the video, you will understand why this is such a crucial concept. You will also learn nine key ways to lead the board financially.

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