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We all know that the pastor needs to pray. This is rule number one in the pastor’s hypothetical user manual. Although this is true, understanding that prayer is important is different than understanding why it is important. When you dig deep into the why behind prayer, there is massive benefit. This video exists to establish the value of prayer for pastors by looking deep into the reasoning for it.

As you seek to decipher the importance of prayer within the church and your leadership, take David for example. In scripture, David was called “a man after God’s own heart.” This is what we are all striving to be! As you read through Psalms, where David is continuously praying, it is evident that prayer is both powerful and necessary.

Prayer is a discipline that must be established as an individual by the pastor. As you seek to do so, we want to encourage you with some helpful insight. By the end of this video, you will fully understand the importance of prayer, and how it works in your life.

Along with this, the importance and significance of prayer goes beyond the role of the pastor. Prayer is vital for the entire church congregation. As a pastor, it is crucial that you are able to set the culture of prayer for your church as a whole. How can your leadership spark a culture of prayer in your church? What can you do to lead by example in prayer?

In this video:

Our goal is to strengthen your prayer life by allowing you to understand why prayer is so important. The pastor needs to pray. Prayer changes things. It allows for the impossible to become possible. God is moving in the hearts of those dedicated to His mission. In this video, we provide you with eight reasons why we need to pray, as well as how to help your team understand this principle.

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