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How to Lead a Church when you’ve Experienced Personal Loss

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“I do not know how to lead the church when I’m hurting.” This seemingly hopeless statement has provoked us to unpack some fundamentals of doing ministry during personal loss. Personal loss can be one of the toughest things to deal with in life. Whether you are losing a loved one or family member or anything else of value to you, loss is difficult. As a pastor, you are not immune to tragedy or loss. In fact, scripture promises hard times. Understanding that you may experience loss as a pastor, how can you remain effective as a leader? In this series, we focus on how to lead the church while hurting.

Personal loss can lead to heartbreak and a multitude of negative emotions. As church leaders, we understand this concept. First and foremost, we want you to understand that you are not expected to bounce back immediately. Part of what makes this series unique is that you are hearing from someone who has learned from heartbreaking loss.

We begin this series with a video containing a general overview on dealing with personal loss as a pastor. Here, you will find practical advice, along with encouragement for the future. Beyond that, the rest of the series focuses on specific practical and spiritual advice. This series is designed to be specific so that you can utilize the information well.

We discuss the importance of intentionality and how it pertains to your personal loss. Furthermore, we talk about how hope is right around the corner. What should you do with your spiritual life after experiencing personal loss as a pastor? How can you refrain from losing sight of your identity in Christ during these times?

Your personal loss as a pastor results in hurt and pain. This is a concept we understand. This series exists not only to help you through, but to sympathize with you.

In this series:

We will unpack some of the most key facets of leadership in the context of personal loss. By the end of this series, you will feel encouraged. Additionally, you will understand how to begin restoring your mind and emotions in order to lead effectively.

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