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A Pastor Dealing with Personal Loss

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Personal loss can be one of the toughest things to deal with in life. Whether you are losing a loved one or family member or anything else of value to you, loss is difficult. As a pastor, you are not immune to tragedy or loss. In fact, scripture promises hard times. Understanding that you may experience loss as a pastor, how can you remain effective as a leader? This video focuses on some initial thoughts and areas to consider on how a pastor leads during personal loss.

One of the key topics that we discuss within this video is the difference between transparency and vulnerability. Understanding this difference will allow you to begin to deal with loss relationally. Leadership is inherently about people. As you are dealing with personal loss, how are you going to interact with others? More specifically, what is the difference between transparency and vulnerability and why does it matter?

As you lead through your personal loss, there some areas to consider. These areas have to do with your loss specifically and will bring clarity to your situation. As you walk through these categories, seek to understand your loss for what it is. Additionally, utilize these methods to begin coping with your personal loss.

Personal loss is a topic that is sensitive for many. Furthermore, it is a topic that many do not know how to deal with. This is why we feel that it is necessary to set the stage for effective leadership after personal loss. Here, we bring you the introductory discussion on how a pastor leads during personal loss.

We understand that loss results in many emotions and can be a very unpleasant experience. Part of what makes this series unique is that you are hearing from someone who has learned from heartbreaking loss as a pastor.

In this video:

We provide you with a couple of initial thoughts, as well as four areas to consider as you lead through loss.

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