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A Pastor Rediscovers Themself

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Personal loss can be one of the toughest things to deal with in life. Whether you are losing a loved one or family member or anything else of value to you, loss is difficult. As a pastor, you are not immune to tragedy or loss. In fact, scripture promises hard times. Understanding that you may experience loss as a pastor, how can you remain effective as a leader? Another key aspect regarding your coping process is rediscovering yourself. This video answers the question: How does a pastor rediscover themself?

When you lose a loved one or something of value in to your life, emotions can take over. Oftentimes, what happens is, loss will drive a person to forget who they are. Sometimes this is simply a matter of losing their identity as a person. Other times this can even escalate into issues with their identity in Christ. In times where personal loss is prevalent in your life, it is imperative that you know who you are.

So, understanding the importance of knowing who you are, how can you rediscover yourself in these scenarios? This seems like a very frightening journey, but the truth is, there are some practical steps to take. These practical steps will allow you to become centered once again.

Our current society will tell you that finding yourself is all that matter. The problem with this concept from an earthly lens is that it is solely based on emotion. When we discuss the idea of rediscovering yourself, we want to do so from a spiritual perspective. The identity you have in Christ is a powerful one. When you embrace that identity, nothing can stand in your way. Chains will break, mountains will fall. The God of the universe still values you.

In this video:

We want to encourage you with two keys to reacquaint yourself with your purpose. As we unpack these two keys, understand that you are valued through your identity in Christ.

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