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How Praying Pastors Learn to Think and Act

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Ministry is filled with decisiveness, audibles, planning, and strategy. On top of that, the decisions that you make carry a significant weight. With all of the strategic thinking that must be done as a pastor, your spiritual life is key. When your spiritual life is the top priority, you can take confidence in your ability to make wise ministry decisions. This video focuses on pastors learning to step out and act.

Think back to the last time you were in a very desperate situation. In your case, this could look like a variety of things. Perhaps you were in a car accident with a close call. Maybe you experienced a worrying sickness and needed God’s healing hand. Regardless of the situation, desperate measures call for spiritual direction and intervention. As you think about your ministry, it is tempting to view it as your job and nothing else. As soon as this occurs, you deemphasize the spiritual weight and significance that ministry possesses. When you think about your ministry as a constant, desperate situation in which the lost need to be found, your perspective shifts.

What does this perspective shift have to do with the topic of discussion within this video? The answer is everything. When you view your ministry position as urgent and significant, you begin to realize the impact of your actions and strategic planning. Once you realize this weight, how can you possess enough spiritual discipline for divine direction? What does it look like to sync strategy with spirituality? How can you trust God with each decision and plan?

In this video:

Our goal is to teach you how to step out and act according the spiritual guidance provided by God. The truth is, you should not be making any decisions within the church without consulting the all-knowing God. Wisdom aside from God is earthly wisdom, which has no place in the church. Here, we discuss seven things pastors learning to step out and act can utilize for spiritual guidance and direction.

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