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The term “spiritual leader” inherently assumes that a leader is being guided by the Holy Spirit. If you are a pastor, this is your role within the church: a spiritual leader. While we understand that you already know the importance of prayer as a pastor, we want to assist you in maximizing your prayer life. As a pastor, you are expected to have a diligent prayer life. With that said, we encourage you to take a look at this video on pastors learning to pray.

You may be thinking, “I already know how to pray.” We believe you. It is because we believe that God calls people into ministry for a reason, that we want to teach on maintaining and sustaining your prayer life. Specifically, in the context of your gifts and your abilities, how are you using your prayer life? Does your prayer life truly allow God to move through the gifts he has given you?

After understanding the importance of prayer in terms of your gifts and strategic thinking, it is time to execute. Discipline can be a tough thing for people to get a grasp on. This truth does not exclude your prayer life. Spiritual discipline, even for the pastor, must be learned and exercised regularly. As you seek to do this, the good news is that there are some very practical ways to maximize your prayer life.

When you are honest with yourself, is your prayer life up to par with the pastoral standard? Are you allowing God to work in and through you as you lead the people of your church? How does the way you teach and lead represent Jesus?

In this video:

We have included three ways for gifted strategic thinkers to learn to pray. Our key focus is on pastors learning to pray. Use these tips to enhance your spiritual life and your pastoral leadership.

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