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Seasons in Ministry

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The term “seasons” is often used within the context of church. This term has been used to mean several different things within Christian culture, but specifically within the context of ministry, what does this word mean? Perhaps you have experienced a “season” of growth in your church. Maybe you have experienced a “season” of spiritual awakening. On the other hand, you may have experienced a “season” of financial difficulty or dip in attendance. All of these “seasons” are important to pay attention to as you lead a church. Similarly, we want to introduce a concept to you in which God works in and through the seasons of your life and ministry.

The first thing we unpack in this series is the concept of seasons and how God uses them. When you understand how to work with God through the seasons of your ministry, your church will thrive. Additionally, when you can pinpoint the different seasons that you experience and realize the theological and practical implications that they bring, you will be able to lead effectively. This effectiveness is a result of fully surrendering your leadership to the Lord and flowing in the seasons of ministry.

The second concept we talk about in this series is the identification of these seasons. What season of ministry are you currently in? What does this mean for your life, leadership, and your church? As you navigate the seasons of ministry, we want to help you realize how God moves and how you should respond. Church leadership is an effort that largely relies on practical strategy. While this is true, the practical side of ministry cannot be effectively accomplished without the power and presence of the Holy Spirit.

In this series:

We are discussing the importance of seasons in ministry, what they mean for your leadership, and how they impact your church. We want to help you work with God through whatever season you are in.

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