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Learning the Seasons of God

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Now that we have introduced the concept of seasons, we want to dive deeper. Seasons in ministry is a phrase that can cause a lot of confusion. What is a “season” in ministry? What does God do through the seasons in your church? Learning the seasons of God is an important facet of biblical church leadership. We have talked about the importance of this concept and why you need it but learning what they mean for your leadership is crucial. What do the seasons of God mean for you?

The first thing we want to teach you about is it attributes of God and how He works in and through us. Without a firm foundational belief in the role God plays in our ministry, the seasons of God are easy to miss. There are certain principles and characteristics of God that allow us to understand the seasons He works through. What are these principles and characteristics? How do they play into the seasons of God? How do these seasons pertain to your life and ministry?

The second thing we want to teach you is how to learn these seasons. We believe that it is imperative that you understand how to identify these seasons and utilize them for your ministry. To do this, we want to equip you with the knowledge of the seasons of God specifically pertaining to how God works through you.

Seasons come and go, and there are good seasons and bad seasons, but the seasons of God are unchangeable and a firm foundation. When God is leading you and guiding you in a season of your ministry, you can put your faith in that.

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We are unpacking the nuances of learning the seasons of God. This video will help you understand the concept of the seasons of God and what your response should be.

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