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The 4 Seasons of Life and Ministry (Part 1)

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Now that we have discussed idea of the seasons of God and what it means for your ministry, it is time to get specific. What are the actual seasons of life and ministry? What can you be looking out for in your leadership as a sign of these seasons? To illustrate the concept of the seasons of God, we have correlated them to the four seasons we are all familiar with: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. In this episode, we are discussing the Spring and Summer seasons and how they correlate to the seasons of ministry.

The first step in understanding these two seasons in ministry is by unpacking how they work. Beginning with the spring season, what can you expect for your ministry? What does this first season bring with it and how can you respond effectively? This is the season of beginnings, where you begin to unlock the potential of where your church and ministry could be headed. And then there’s the summer, where things begin to come to fruition. What do these two seasons consist of, how does God work through them, and what do they mean for you?

The second step in this process of flowing with the seasons of ministry is to understand the importance and implications of each season. When you know how to identify these two seasons and open your heart to what the Lord wants to do, these seasons will help you grow. In each season, there is room for success, but there is also room for missed opportunity. We want to help you maximize these seasons that you will inevitably encounter in your church and ministry.

In this video:

We are unpacking the first two seasons of ministry and what they mean for your church leadership. These seasons mark the beginning of something great at your church.

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