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Introducing the Concept of Seasons

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In this first episode of the seasons in ministry series, we are unpacking the various nuances of the phrase “seasons in ministry”. This can mean a lot of different things depending on who you ask. Within the realm of ministry, the term “seasons” is commonly used to describe a time or series of events. Oftentimes pastors will say that they’ve had a fruitful “season” in their church. Others will say that their church is in a “season” of tremendous growth. So, in the context of ministry, what do seasons really mean?

In order to understand seasons, you must look at who God is within our leadership. Why does God want us to lead? How does He work within our leadership? In what ways does He guide and direct us when we step out in faith by taking a position of leadership? These are the types of questions that we can use to better understand how God uses seasons to teach and guide us. Each season that we will unpack has certain implications that require different responses. The Lord guides us and shows himself in these seasons, but we must know how to identify them.

As you learn about the seasons in ministry, it is imperative to understand which different seasons there are. Each season we will unpack is unique and different, but each brings its own functionality. We want to help you understand each of these seasons and what it means for your ministry leadership. What seasons are there in ministry? What do they mean for you and your pastoral leadership? What are the various nuances of each of these seasons?

In this video:

Our goal is to help you understand each of these seasons and what they mean for your leadership. Seasons in ministry is something that you need to understand as a pastor, and we are here to help.

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