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Make It Happen: Practical Church Growth Tips

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When you analyze your church in terms of the ultimate goals that are outlined in your mission, are you winning? Is the culture that you see within your church conducive to where you want your church to be? Do you see growth being stimulated rather than stagnant? Are you effectively guiding your leaders towards creating a healthy, spirit-filled, hospitable environment? If your answer to any of these questions was no, this series is for you. In essence, this is a practical church growth tips video series.

Perhaps as you have attempted to develop the DNA of your church, you have found yourself in a place in which you struggle to simply put a definition to what you are trying to accomplish. You may be wondering where church growth and culture fit into the equation at your church. Maybe you are seeking to find the foundational elements that are key for your church’s growth. Whatever your situation is, this series will allow you to see your church from a bird’s eye perspective as you pursue the ministry that God has called you to.

Our goal is that you would be able to answer the tough questions that surround the church as a whole. Your ministry can thrive, but it is imperative that you are aware, and fully comprehend the key fundamentals that allow church growth and culture that is vibrant.

In this series:

We want to equip you with the tools necessary to get on your feet and allow your ministry to thrive. This includes key factors such as church culture, church growth and improvement within your ministry. We will also discuss what to do when you seem to be frustrated by stagnancy or decline, as well as how to achieve over-the-top hospitality. In short, this is a series that covers the big picture. View this as your practical church growth tips video series.

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