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3 Essentials for Church Growth

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Once you have established culture within your church, it is time to think about the elements that you can utilize in order to enhance that culture. These are the types of essentials for church growth that will allow your church to expand to new levels. There are many outside factors that play into the growth of a church. With that in mind, these foundational elements are not guaranteed to stimulate growth in your context. With that said, if these elements are not implemented into your church, you will eradicate the possibility for growth.

Perhaps you have found yourself in a position where you have big dreams about the culture of your church. Furthermore, your team and your volunteers are on board with the culture that you are trying to create. This is a great situation to be in but establishing that mindset is only the beginning.

We will walk you through some specific elements that you can utilize in order to create the potential for growth. These are not limited to tools that you can use, instead, these are fundamental practices that every church should value.

In addition to addressing these specific essentials for church growth, we will teach you why they are important and how they relate to the culture of your church. The fact is, if you are actively attempting to drive the culture in your church, the fundamental practices that you engage in should reflect that culture as well.

In this video:

We will outline three foundational essentials for church growth that will bring your church to new heights. You will be provided with a coaching guide to supplement the video for maximize your benefit. You will learn how your church can grow spiritually and numerically as we teach you to implement these essential elements into your church context.

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