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How to Remove Obstacles to Church Growth

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As a pastor, have you ever looked at the problems that your church is facing and wondered if you were the cause? First off, remember your calling. God has placed you in a position of ministry for a reason. With that said, there are some obstacles that directly relate to the actions of the pastor or staff pastors. This may seem like a lot of pressure, but that is why we want to assist you in pinpointing the key areas that you can personally improve in. This will allow you to remove obstacles to church growth.

Pastoral staff members play a significant role in the growth of a church. As you seek to eradicate any obstacles in the way of your growth as a church. The reality is, God has placed great potential in every person. This means that whatever area of ministry you are currently serving in, provided that this is where you are called to be, God has enabled you to perform at high-capacity.

With this in mind, when church leaders are not performing according to their gifting, growth will scarcely occur. There are steps that you can take as a lead pastor to ensure that your staff is hitting the mark, while you are maintaining the level of leadership needed to remove obstacles to church growth. These steps are sure to propel you towards maintaining a confidence in your ability to eradicate your obstacles.

In this video:

You will learn about five specific pastor-driven obstacles to growth. As we unpack these obstacles, it will behoove you to utilize both the video and the coaching guide. As you analyze these five obstacles, you will learn how remove obstacles to church growth. You will also be able to suppress these obstacles if you happen to encounter them in an effective manner.

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