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3 Church Growth Non-Negotiables

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Just as important as it is to assess the wins that your church has achieved, it is imperative that you are able to recognize when you are lacking in a certain area. Critical thinking plays a huge role in the leadership of a church. Looking toward how you can improve the things that you are missing the mark on is a prerequisite to growth. The fact is, there are a few elements that church must pay attention to, which we will call: church growth non-negotiables.

For some, simply pinpointing the areas in which they could improve is a very difficult task. If this is the case in your situation, you are not alone. You have the drive and motivation to effectively change your approach where it is needed, but you just cannot seem to detect your weaknesses. Chances are, the area that you need to improve in most, in order for your church to experience consistent growth, falls under the umbrella of one of the three aspects that we will cover in this video.

Perhaps you are in a situation in which you understand what you are missing as a church, but you simply do not know how to fix it. You gather your team up for constant meetings in a scrambled attempt to solve the problems that you are facing, yet you cannot seem to produce effective solutions. As you become more and more frustrated with the declining status of your church, new problems are arising that shift your focus away from the old ones. What do you do when your church constantly seems like it is in a state of decline, and you do not have the solutions to fix it?

In this video:

We will unpack three church growth non-negotiables. As we unpack these key components, we encourage you to utilize the coaching guide that we have included as well. These two resources combined will allow you to pinpoint your weaknesses and generate effective solutions so that you can stimulate growth in your church.

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