Thinking and Acting Like the Church is Your Personal Business Leaders.Church

Thinking and Acting Like the Church is Your Personal Business

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If you have ever owned a business or known anyone who has owned a business, you know that there is a special pride that the owner rightly possesses. We are not talking about an egotistical pride, rather a pride that is fueled by pleasing customers. When you think about what it takes to please customers, there are a lot of parallels between this and church leadership. Our “customers” are the people who are walking through the door of the church and we please them by leading them towards Christ. This begs the question: “How can I begin thinking like the church is my own personal business?”

Thinking like an owner when it comes to ministry is a key concept. When you begin to think like an owner, you will unleash a passion for people that you may have missed before. In addition to this, you will begin to see new strategies that will allow you to be more effective as you make decisions and develop systems. This is how ministry relates to business. It is certainly not the same, as the goals are different, but we can utilize a great amount of the common business practices in the church setting.

When you think about the calling that God has placed on your life to be a leader, you must think about the privilege that it is. You have the chance to impact the lives of people who may not know or understand Jesus Christ! With this comes great responsibility, but also great satisfaction. When you understand how ministry relates to business with relation to thinking like an owner, the lasting effects will be extremely beneficial. You will enable yourself to maximize the outcomes of your responsibility, as well as receive satisfaction from the positive results.

In this series:

We will discuss the importance of thinking like an owner within church ministry. When you are able to grasp how ministry relates to business in this context, your leadership will grow to new heights.

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