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How to Expand Your Ownership Capacity

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A pastor who wants to embrace full potential will consider why it is important to think and act like an owner. We have discussed why this is true and considered how owners differ from employees. Owners think differently; they have an ownership mindset. If this mindset is proven to maximize our leadership capability and help grow our church, then we should want not only to embrace it, but to expand it. This video will show you how.

When you have set out to improve your preaching, how did you initiate the process? Did you assume that you possess the knowledge to successfully become a Billy Graham on your own? Like most of us, you probably listened to some engaging pastors to study their public speaking acumen. Proverbs 15 tells us this: Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisors they succeed. You may have diversified experience and a proven track record of success, but you are not on a deserted ministry island. If you want to improve at something, seek out someone who is better. Likewise, if you want to know how successful owners operate, learn the best practices of outstanding owners by watching, visiting them or reading about them. I am sure that you agree that your calling is worthy of it.

In this session, we examine four ways to expand your leadership capacity. Now let’s circle back to the four questions. Watch this video to learn the four questions that all successful owners can definitively answer. Whether you have 25 years of experience or you are only six months in, if you embody the ownership mindset, your passion and confidence will rise. You will be hungry for growth and hungry to learn the best practices of church leaders who own a must-grow, must-reach, must-not-fail organization.

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