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There are certainly some differences in the motivations of business leaders and church leaders. Some business leaders may act unethically chasing only after the profit motive. Some business owner/leaders are selfish. That’s an ugly look for a church leader. This is not a power play. But there are also some crucial, positive insights that we can understand and utilize in studying the ways that strong business owners operate.

A church leader who wants to embrace full potential will consider why it is important to think and act like an owner. This leader does not act as though they are simply playing with organizational resources. They are fully invested, as though it is their investment at stake. Owners act in a different manner than many employees. Owners can’t trudge apathetically through the day and then go home and leave outcomes and results to chance. Many employees want to do just enough to get by. Owners know that failure means losing a substantial investment. Furthermore, owners can’t leave the hard stuff to someone else.

Those are just some of the pressures that owners face. We know pastors face many of the same burdens. But owners basically have no choice but to embrace ownership principles, lest they fail. Owners care about action and results, and less about position. As a pastor, you should have the same passion and mindset as an owner.

In this second video, we confer five central thoughts that provide insight on how owners operate and how these ideas will help you improve your mindset and strengthen your leadership acumen. These are five things that all successful owners do. If you want to know some secrets of how successful owners go about operating and caring for their business as they seek maximum potential, then you want to watch this video. There is proven power in acting, thinking, and leading like an owner.

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