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Why Pastors Should Develop Ministry Leaders

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In this series, we are discussing the benefits and implications of accomplishment and how leaders make it happen. Accomplishment happens when a church leader is intentionally focused on identifying and meeting needs. We have to remain vigilant and focused, because accomplishment will end when a leader stops growing. A key part in this is understanding that pastors should develop ministry leaders.

Remember that you as a leader will need more help as growth comes and complexity increases. You are not Pastor Gilligan, out on a ministry island. If you are just preaching sermons, then you are not growing leaders. If you are simply doing programs, you are not developing leaders.  And if you are “doing all you can,” then you need to grow some additional leaders. You can and will accomplish more if you develop a team of leaders with diversified gifts and train them in your own style and church culture. Winning pastors are like gardeners—they accomplish more due to the kind of teams they grow in their fertile leadership soil.

You may have to search and mine for new leaders. In doing so, it is important to realize that experiencing difficulty when developing ministry leaders is a common occurrence. You are not alone if you often struggle to recruit and develop leaders to the capacity to which your church needs them! With that said, do not feel discouraged when you face bumps in the road when developing leaders. Our goal is to ensure you of the imperativeness as to why pastors should develop ministry leaders.

In this video:

We share a must-see seven step process to help you understand that accomplishment explodes when a leader grows leaders. When you spend the time and energy to grow and develop leaders, your church will grow as well. If you adhere to these ideas, you will see a more significant team of leaders meeting the needs that have been identified, and also experiencing great accomplishments in their ministry.

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