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How to Meet Ministry Needs for Growing the Church

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In this series, we are discussing the benefits and implications of accomplishment and how leaders make it happen. Accomplishment happens when a church leader is intentionally focused on identifying needs. Once a need is identified, great leaders do not simply let things lay still through inaction, but also find the right course of action to see that the need is met. It is what God expects from us and also what people are holding out hope for. This is more than an organizational strategy; meeting the needs that we identify can bring hope, along with an emotional and spiritual boost to the people in need. How exactly can you meet ministry needs for growing the church?

A leader with a servant’s heart will be excited about meeting the needs of people. God knows the gifts and talents that He has given you and also those resources and abilities that He has blessed each member of your team with. When you identify a need, God may help you identify the one best person who will not only have the heart for meeting a particular need, but the talent or resource to accomplish the task.

You may be thinking of a church or church member that is great at meeting the needs of others. What is it about them that you would emulate to successfully meet needs? These are the traits and characteristics that we want to highlight as we unpack the ability to meet ministry needs for growing the church.

In this video:

We share four simple, but significant steps to help a leader meet the needs that have been identified. People are counting on you to provide the guidance or solution that will meet their need. Church staff may be counting on you to respond to a need that will lead to great accomplishment! Great accomplish happens when leaders can identify and then meet the needs of people!

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