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How to Successfully Identify Ministry Needs in the Church

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The ministry accomplishments that are meaningful should be the ones that honor our calling to make Jesus known to our world. They are meaningful outcomes because they are miraculous — miracles that happen when our efforts lead people to the only One that can accomplish miraculous things. A major part of leading people to Christ is knowing how to identify ministry needs in the church. You cannot improve on certain areas of the church unless you understand the needs that surround them.

But the fact that God does not force himself on people and try to make them like little automatons means that he does want to accomplish miraculous things through you. God has called you and gifted you to see people at their time of need. Furthermore, you are responsible for identifying what your church needs to be able to accomplish. The ability to identify needs is a strategy for success in growing churches and growing church leaders.

It is also a key strategy in successful companies who are consistently concerned with growing their business. In business firms, there is often a tension between sales and marketing departments, due primarily to a difference in focus. Sales people take a myopic view because they are primarily interested in one thing — earning commissions on the things they sell. They don’t want to be bothered by those pesky marketing people. Meanwhile, marketing departments know that it is much harder to sell products that people do not already want or need. Marketing people are all about identifying the wants and needs of consumers. They view sales people as impatient and arbitrary.

Successful business organizations spend time in identifying the wants and needs of customers, marketing employees, and their ambitious sales personnel. The parallel to church leadership is something to consider. Accomplishment happens when a church leader understands how to identify ministry needs in the church.

In this video:

We provide five key steps to helping you identify ministry needs in the church. These steps will lead your church to accomplishment and readiness to meet the needs of people who need Jesus.

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