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Why Listening Is Important in Your Ministry

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We all have been in a situation where we know we should have listened more than we did. Maybe you can remember back to high school when your algebra test was just around the corner, yet you had no idea what the instructor had been teaching for the last two weeks. Others of you may relate to experiences you have had more recently. Maybe your boss asked you to finish that report by the end of the week and you come to the realization that that deadline was two weeks ago. Listening is a key aspect of effective leadership.

The greatest leaders know how to listen in order to assist them in growing. One of the key factors pertaining to your leadership when it comes to listening is deciding who to listen to. Who you listen to will determine the quality of the ideas that you are being taught. Would you go to a biologist if you wished to learn more about algebraic equations? The obvious answer is of course no, but in ministry, the answer may not be this obvious. It is imperative that you know who to listen to, and how to grow from it.

You may understand the importance of listening. You may even actively listen to other people, but are you retaining what was said in a way that you can grow? As you are listening, there are certain strategies and mindsets to have in order for you to benefit the most. These things are very practical, yet vital to your growth as a leader.

The purpose of this video is to help you as you strive to become a better listener. Listening will allow you to expand your leadership influence, as well as your personal growth. Ask yourself if you are truly listening to other people. If so, how can you improve your listening skills? This video will provide you with five key thoughts on the art of listening.

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