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How to Eliminate Bottlenecks in Church Decision-Making

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The definition of leadership provides the assumption that there are subordinates under you. The truth is, there is a large number of leaders who interpret this to mean that they have complete and dominant control. With this in mind, you must grasp the fact that you are not a king. Leadership is not a hierarchical system in which you rule over people with your superb ideas and strategies. This mindset creates a barrier in your leadership.

Leading with a controlling hand will stifle your leadership ability, resulting in your ministry spiraling out of control. Within the church, your goal should be to stimulate growth in the people who you are raising up as leaders. The church thrives on volunteers and a leadership system, not simply because the job needs to be done, but because it creates a culture of continual growth.

If the goal of your ministry is to share the Gospel, then you have to develop the mindset of understanding that God has the ultimate authority, not you. You may be in a place in your leadership where you are controlling your subordinates without even knowing it. Shifting from a mindset that stresses dominance and control, to one that encourages growth is a tricky task.

This crucial shift requires that change takes place in your heart and in your mind so that you are able to lead with a growth mindset for the people around you. How do you change this mindset? How do you shift from a domineering leadership strategy to an effective one? As you watch this video, you will begin to understand the importance of leading without controlling. This video will provide you with six ways that you can let go of full control as it pertains to your leadership.

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