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How Thinking Bigger Dictates Growth

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As you assess the health and progress of your church, you can always pinpoint areas that need to improve or could reach a new level. This could apply to many different areas of your church such as: church attendance, cultural values, and connections. As you desire to grow and expand the influence your church has, big goals seem appealing on the surface, but can be tricky to achieve. With that said, thinking bigger allows for God to do what seems unlikely in your church. In this video, we will stress the importance of thinking bigger as a leader.

The simple truth is that when you think too small, you are putting up a barrier when it comes to your leadership ability. The common problem that we have is thinking about our goals in terms of our earthly ability. Think about the entire course of your ministry to this point. What has fueled you? Chances are, you have seen God move in amazing ways and you expect to see him do it again. When you remind yourself that you serve a God who created you and put you in your position, your perspective starts to shift from impossibilities, to achievable goals.

In addition to the Biblical truth that supports the idea of thinking bigger. There are some very practical examples of why this proves to be an effective strategy for your ministry. When you possess an attitude that exudes confidence and boldness, there is certain effect that it has on your church. In this video, we will dive into the effects that can have on your church as you lead by thinking bigger.

This video will provide you with five key action steps that you can take to reach a new level with your church. You will learn the importance of thinking bigger with your leadership, as well as how to practically do so.

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