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Ways Church Leaders Develop Their Minds for Greater Leadership

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In this series, we are discussing the virtues leaders need. The discussion of the leadership virtue of hope is unquestionably powerful. Every church leader needs to understand the meaning of hope and what it means to offer someone hope. Then we discussed the virtue of grace as it pertains to leadership in the church. In addition to these virtues, you must know exactly how church leaders develop their minds.

Most of us have heard or even preached sermons on those two important virtues. But has anyone ever preached on the leadership virtue of intellectual advancement? Our leadership ability depends on the persuasive, cognitive, and creative powers of our minds. God has gifted us with a brain, and a capacity for knowledge greater than most of us realize. When we ascertain that the gift of intellect comes from Him, suddenly the idea of intellectual advancement as a leadership virtue does not seem so unspiritual anymore.

When we are willing to humble ourselves before God, and give Him the credit and glory for successful outcomes that only He can miraculously deliver anyway, isn’t it possible that an anointed merging of spiritual maturity and increased intellectual capacity can be bestowed upon us? You must be able to embrace intellectual advancement because, the truth is, church leaders develop their minds.

In this video:

We want to inspire you to build an aspiration to increase your own intellectual advancement. In addition, we want you to lead others as an extension of that advancement. The desire to create new practices can stimulate new ideas, which can ultimately lead to major improvement. This only occurs after church leaders develop their minds.

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