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How Selfless Leadership of Pastors Grows the Church

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When we have gained experience as a pastor or church leader for an extended period of time, we tend to be able to express where our giftedness shines most, and where our leadership talents are strongest. But the ideas demonstrated in this series, the Virtues Leaders Need, are a little more nebulous, and not often characteristics that we are challenged to assess in ourselves. With this said, one of the key virtues that you must embrace as a church leader is selfless leadership. Selfless leadership of pastors is absolutely vital to an effective ministry.

In this final session, we reset our course of thinking to discuss one more leadership virtue – selfless leadership of pastors. In contemplating this powerful virtue, we need to stand conventional earthly thought on its head. This is a concept that implies an inverse way of thinking. We are taught early on in life to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps. In business, the philosophy is swim with the sharks, and kill or be killed. But many kingdom principles, or wisdom from God, are reciprocal in nature. Instead of climbing the corporate ladder, God wants us to get low so we can be lifted up.

When we can stop being resentful as other leaders accomplish great things, and realize that when they win, we win, we are acting in a selfless manner. This whole idea of ministry to others is not about me. When we can allow the leadership virtue of deep selflessness to settle in our hearts and minds, we are setting a powerful example to leaders on our team.

In this video:

We share four timeless precepts on selfless leadership of pastors. It’s a virtue that, when extended to others, can influence exponential leadership growth in your ministry.

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