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How to Lead Church Ministry with Hope

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We are leaders of a different sort. We may follow best practices derived from the world of business, using terms like ownership, capacity, and team leadership. Terms such as: spirit, grace, and brokenness are the essence of the Gospel. With that reality, it is important to embrace your ability to lead church ministry with hope.

Virtues are very meaningful in church leadership. Virtues describe the pathways and desired outcomes of our mission. Hope causes people to be saved by grace through faith. In fact, it helps them understand real love and satisfies a longing for eternal hope. Without hope, we would simply be doing a job, rather than fulfilling a calling. But, knowing that hope is attainable, allows us to consistently experience hope, inspire hope to others, and demonstrate to leaders that hope really matters.

Everyone that enters the doors of our church or is touched by someone in our church, is a person who has aspirations, ambitions, desires, prospects, and a dependence on something. Each one develops a unique character. And each one has a high capacity for goodness, excellence, and righteousness. Furthermore, every individual is valued by God and needs to hear that there is hope, regardless of how hopeless they may feel.

Hope is a transformative virtue that writes life-changing stories, over and above the stories of any ministry. In fact, every church leader needs to understand the meaning of hope and what it means to offer someone hope. Hope for salvation is found in the blood of Jesus. And hope for healing is found in only one name, the mighty name of Jesus.

In this video:

We share four principles about how to lead church ministry with hope. Furthermore, our goal is to allow you to understand how to foster and embrace hope in your ministry. Virtues are powerful in the life a leader and you can expect God to do great things with leaders who understand the development of hope as a virtue.

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