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How to Lead Church Ministry with Grace

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Virtues are very meaningful in church leadership. You can expect God to do great things with leaders who understand the development of virtues. Virtues are powerful in the life a leader, and if there is one place where virtuous leadership should be on full display, it should be in the life of a church. One of these virtues has to do with your ability to lead church ministry with grace.

Do not believe the lie that grace is not a vital aspect of your ministry. Most high-achieving pastors have such an unquestionable experience with grace, that they would never underestimate its power in church leadership. The virtue of grace in leadership comes with a penetrating appreciation of the knowledge that an abundance of works could never replace grace.

As Christian leaders, grace should flow from the experience of our hearts. Matthew 12:34 tells us, “Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.” If the virtue of grace is flowing out of the heart of a leader, it should be evidenced in the words that are spoken, and the language that is used. Grace within a leader should be audibly heard in a language distinguished by grace-filled words. Leading with the virtue of grace should be visible as well. When someone struggles or makes a mistake, the leader should exhibit grace in action. Remember, that as a person sitting under a leader, grace in action is what you would hope for as well.

Virtues carry unmistakable power to alter attitudes, circumstances, and behavior. Virtues describe both the pathways and desired outcomes of our mission. If grace is so amazing, why would we want to overlook it?

In this video:

We demonstrate four principle truths regarding how to lead church ministry with grace. Watch this video, and you will feel a change in the atmosphere around you as you meditate on the transformative power of grace.

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