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Unpacking Criticism in Ministry

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We all covet praise and encouragement, but criticism is something we generally hope to avoid. Yet, we all have critics, even in our most successful times, when it is totally undeserved, and even after when we have labored and sacrificed greatly. In this series, we will learn about the different types of criticism and how to discern truth from error. Often, we have to endure criticism from someone who is uninformed, but alternatively, there will be times when we have to admit that the criticism has validity.

What about when criticism is from secondary sources? What if it comes from an unknown source, but is spreading rapidly? Sometimes it may come from someone we consider to be closely connected to us, and in other situations, it may be from someone unreachable. In order to properly handle criticism, it is helpful to distinguish between the types of criticism, because each type may require a different response. And how do we respond when criticism is hurtful or damaging? What if it contains some truth, but comes at a very inopportune time?

When we fail to listen or accept criticism, we limit our ability to lead our church to the best of our ability. When we listen, evaluate what is true versus what may be distorted, we can begin to respond appropriately. In this first video, we discuss six things that we can learn from criticism, delineate four types of criticism, and examine four things to consider when discerning the value of criticism. In doing so, we can contemplate the implications and determine an appropriate response. Criticism can help us understand those we are called to lead and possibly cause us to consider how we could improve our leadership acumen.

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