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The Pastor as the Critic

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Thus far, we have examined the times when a leader is criticized by others. We discussed four types of criticism, how to discern the value of criticism, dealing with accurate criticism, and how to deal with unfounded criticism. You may not have expected us to conclude this series with a discussion on the pastor as critic. When a leader finds that their spirit is leaning toward the negative, it may be time for prayer and an attitude check. But as a leader, there are certainly times when a critique of someone else becomes part of our responsibility.

Remember how you felt when someone criticized you and you felt that the criticism was unfair? Do you want someone you are leading to encounter those same feelings and emotions? There are unequivocally some important things to consider when assessing the appropriate reason and timing to critique someone. It is essential that a leader searches their heart to confirm a right spirit. Desiring to see growth and improvement in someone is a healthy component of ministry. And when you have previously helped someone, they may welcome your criticism again as helpful advice from a friend. When we are only trying to win or show superiority, we cannot expect anyone to be receptive of our critique. Remember, when they win, we also win. That’s why it is paramount that the leader offers loving solutions in the critique.

In this video, we remind pastors and leaders that there are Biblical assumptions to consider regarding why, when, and how to critique someone else, and then present five things for the leader to avoid when critiquing. We also discuss seven times when it is deemed appropriate to critique someone, remembering that the best course of action may be to remain slow to speak, but quick to listen.

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