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Responding to Incorrect Criticism

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Even on our near-perfect days, we all have critics. We are called to be great communicators, which includes being good listeners. When we hear criticism that we need to admit is accurate, the most helpful response is to accept it with a grateful spirit. But when we run into those people that act without emotional intelligence, and spew distorted facts before they engage their brains, the situation is totally different. How does a leader handle a critic that is essentially clueless with a response that honors God and moves the church in a positive direction? Here is where we unpack advice from a biblical perspective that assists us in dealing with the clueless critic and unfounded criticism.

There are often signs that someone is about to unleash criticism. We discuss not only how to deal with this type of critic, but we also analyze when to respond. When is it best for a leader to anticipate and respond early before the unfounded criticism spirals out of control? With knowledge and practice, a leader may be able to slow or stop the criticism before it rolls all the way down the hill. We also explain why there are times when you should not respond alone. Furthermore, we examine how to assess what response will bring the desire outcome, and how to act from a place of strength and honor. Ministry is your primary concern, for the church as a whole, but also for the critic.

In this video, we offer eight ways to deal with the clueless critic and unfounded criticism. We are confident that this cogent advice will help you deal with these difficult situations in a God-honoring way and continue to move the church forward. Remember 1 Peter 5:7 – Give all your worries to Him, because He cares for you!

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