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Traits of a Pastor as the Storyteller

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Have you ever been in a situation in which you were telling a story, and you realized about halfway through that the people around you were not interested at all? This can happen to even the best communicators and speakers. As you look back on times like these, you can tend to start thinking about what you could have said that would have made your story better. Just because you have a great story to tell, does not inherently mean that story will resonate with your listeners. The fact is, the execution of a great story is equally as important as the content and quality of the story itself. Understanding what makes a good storyteller is a vital aspect of your storytelling ability.

Good storytellers understand how to tell a story in a way that captivates an audience. This is achieved by embracing multiple factors. What are you doing to engage your audience at any given point in time as you tell your story? If you put yourself into the shoes of the audience, how are they going to perceive your emotions? Is the way you are expressing yourself contributing to the quality of the story? Questions like these can be extremely difficult to answer as you are attempting to analyze your performance.

It is imperative that you are able to recognize the constant attributes of a good storyteller so that you can do your best to exemplify them while you speak. Once you understand what it takes to be a good storyteller, you can begin to analyze and critique yourself. As you critique yourself, you will be able to grow in your ability to tell stories in a powerful way.

Over the course of this video, you will be provided with seven important things to help you be a better storyteller. After going over this video, you can utilize these seven points to bring your storytelling to the next level.

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