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Elements of a Good Sermon Story

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One of the most common problems that pastors experience is when they have a great message planned, but all it lacks is the illustrative brilliance of a great story. You may be confident in all of the content in your message, while also realizing that a great story could elevate your message to the next level. Regardless of the degree to which you can relate to this situation, you will always benefit from being knowledgeable in terms of the elements of a good story. Learning what a good story is made up of is vital to the execution and deliverance of a great message.

Fine-tuning your storytelling so that it fits with the message that you are trying to convey is a key to making sure that your stories resonate well with the people you are speaking to. You have to be able to make sure that the story you are telling is a story that people will get interested in. Once people are interested, it is vital that you are able to relate that story back to the message. The application that your story has regarding your message is the point at which you will impact your listeners the most. Understanding basic principles regarding the development and delivery of a story is an important aspect of a great message.

As you tell a story, you want it to be received in a way that makes the listener feel your message in a stronger sense. After you are finished telling your story, your audience should have a better understanding of your message, as well as a new, perhaps emotional attachment to what you are saying. In order to accomplish these things, it is imperative that you understand the key aspects of what makes a great story. This video will provide you with five things that make a good story, as well as what it takes to apply that

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