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Practical Tips Telling Stories in Sermons

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One of the most effective strategies you can use in order to enhance your storytelling ability is to think about the basics. Often times, simply asking yourself why you are telling the story in the first place can spark creativity and imagination in your mind that will allow you to take your stories to the next level. As you are telling a story, you are hoping to effect people in a way that allows them to understand your message or become emotionally invested in your point. One of the best ways to do this is to break your storytelling down into three practical aspects. In this video, you will learn what these three aspects are, and how they relate to your ability to tell great stories.

Putting your story into context in terms of the people you are telling it to is a crucial element to your storytelling. How are people going to react to your story and why will they react that way? What are the basic goals you are trying to achieve as you are telling you story? These questions can be answered as you go back to the basics of storytelling. These practical tips will assist you in seeing the purpose of your stories. They will also help you form your stories in a way that will allow listeners to be engaged, interested, and ultimately benefited.

The simple truth is, storytelling will allow you to take your sermons to a place where they have never been before if you are not already utilizing them. The power of a story is immeasurable. As you aim to take your sermon to new heights, it is important to understand how a story can achieve this goal.

Understanding the basic concepts that you should be emphasizing as you think through your stories is essential. In this video, you will learn three parts to storytelling leading up to three practical tips that will allow you to enhance your storytelling ability.

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